A Report Presented By GoGreen Technologies On The Outreach Campaign in the Buea center prison On The 14th Of February 2019.

GoGreen Technologies Outreach Campaign in the Buea center prison On The 14th Of February 2019

The purpose of the outreach campaign at the Buea central police was to engage with the prisoner and show them some love by carryout some hygiene and sanitation practices.

The campaign started with the arrival of the different delegations at exactly 10;30- 10;55a.m. there was inspection of identity card for security purposes.

At 11; 00a.m – 11; 45a.m we had a welcome speech from the presentative of the director of Buea central prison followed by a word of prayer and then the national anthem.

Later on we had a word from the medical Volunteer team on medial issues followed by the head of CHORDO Cameroon still on health issues.

Next on the agenda on the outreach campaign was a word from the director of GoGreen technologies on the importance to keep our environment clean and how it will go a long way in fighting climate change, they didn’t end by giving the speech but also when around do the hygiene proper

Without wasting time, the program moved to a football match at around 12;00- 1;00 p.m. where the match ended with 4-1 and prices were rewarded at the end of tournament.

After the award of prices there was a group picture with the players and the various teams. Then follow with closing remark by the organizer and everyone departed from the area.

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