About Us

At GoGreen Technologies, we drive positive change through environmental sustainability and innovation. 


6 Years in Action

With six years in action, GoGreen Technologies leads in environmental innovation and community empowerment for a sustainable future.

Our Plan

GoGreen Technologies is dedicated to fostering sustainability through initiatives that span eco-friendly agriculture, youth empowerment in digital skills, entrepreneurship, and leadership training, with the overarching goal of combating climate change and building a greener future.

Our Vision

GoGreen Technologies is looking forward in bringing together the right people, frameworks of thinking and technologies so as to solve the global challenge for a sustainable future.

Our Mission

To fasten sustainable life through the provision of Renewable energy, to increase the awareness of the importance of technology to bring about the green world. Training youths on how to apply and to build the leadership potential in order to bring a change in the world.

Our Team

Awejan Emmanuel | GoGreen Technologies | GG Tech

Awejan Emmanuel

Executive Director

Ngonge Meiva | GoGreen Technologies | GG Tech

Ngonge Meiva

Head of Media and Communication

Louis Makazi | GoGreen Technologies | GG Tech

Louis Makazi

Director of Programs

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