Educating Youths on Digital Sustainability Cohort 3.

Donate to Educate our Younger ones on IT.

Goal: $9000

Key Sectors of Operation

Agricualtural Sector | GoGreen Technologies | GG Tech

Agricultural Sector

Agriculture contribute to climate change both by anthropogenic emissions of greenhouse gases and by the conversion of non-agricultural land. Agriculture, Forestry and land-use change contribute around 20-25 % of global annual emission

Technology Sector | GoGreen Technologies | GG Tech

Technology Sector

GG Tech is also involved in the technological aspect to fight against climate Change in that it explores the essential role of technology and its most recent developments towards a sustainable environment.

GG Tech works in two…

Leadership Sector | GoGreen Technologies | GG Tech

Leadership Sector

GG Tech helps to awaken those potentials and skill of leaders to handle the future.  GG Tech trains youth of quality attributes as in order for them to be good leaders in their community, its brings out the leadership spirit in the life of the youth to group …

Entrepreneurial Sector | GoGreen Technologies | GG Tech

Entrepreneurship Sector

Entrepreneurship will also be a target to be involve by GG Tech as it brings out initiatives on how to remedy situation and better increase the country’s economic. Business can not shrive in a world where people do not. In order to create infrastructure then is …

Education Sector | GoGreen Technologies | GG Tech

Education Sector

Education is one of the fasted ways in coming against climate change as it impact us with knowledge and intelligence to overcome not only in our lies but in the world at large.

GG Tech also encourages youth in the technological…

Volunteerism Sector | GoGreen Technologies | GG Tech

Volunteerism Sector

Through volunteerism, GG Tech gives a platform to youths to take part in its projects so as to bring their own contribution to the development of the fight and fight against climate change. As a result, these youths gain experience, develop new skills…

Recent Causes

Join us in creating a sustainable future by donating to GoGreen Technologies; your support empowers youth, fuels environmental initiatives, and drives positive change for a greener, healthier planet.

Waste to Wealth

We convert waste into wealth for a sustainable future.

Goal: $100000

Become a Volunteer

Join us in volunteering at GoGreen Technologies to make a positive impact on the environment and empower youth. Your time and skills can help build a sustainable future together!

Our Plan

GoGreen Technologies is dedicated to fostering sustainability through initiatives that span eco-friendly agriculture, youth empowerment in digital skills, entrepreneurship, and leadership training, with the overarching goal of combating climate change and building a greener future.

Your Support Means a Lot

Fuel change and empower the future. Your donation to GoGreen Technologies supports innovation, environmental stewardship, and youth empowerment for a greener world.

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