A Report on a One Day Youth Capacity building workshop on the title “Youths and a new developmental mindset -Achieving Agenda 2030”

Youths and a new developmental mindset -Achieving Agenda 2030


Youth capacity building workshop location:

Landmark University Buea, Cameroon on the 16th of November 2019.

The program started at exactly 10;40 a.m with the registration of participants followed with the arrival of speakers with a brief opening remarks which was done by the program Director Mr. Tasha Elvis.

 The program was divided into two session that’s the four (04) Thematic sessions and two (2) Discussion sessions. In the four thematic session, we have the following

  • Carrier orientation, scholarship and fellowship
  • Volunteerism, community action and youth-activism
  • Youths and Sustainable Development goals (Agenda 2030)
  • Purpose, talents and opportunities

With regards to the 2 discussion session we had the following

  • Getting youth objective about self and community development
  • The way forward (Steps to take)

The thematic and discussion session were the main focus of the workshop that is it was the headline for this workshop.

The first thematic session was handle by Dr. Derrick, briefing students on the various professional field in Cameroon and how beneficial specific programs will be to them. Outlining major fellowship and scholarship programs that are open to young Africa’s.

Secondly, we had the speaker on the second thematic session and it was handle by. Mr. Gwei Michael, briefing youths on the importance of volunteerism and its impact in community development. How they can become active in the development life cycle be volunteerism and activism. Also briefing youths on potential openings or organizations in Buea where they can engage in to be empowered.

After the second talk the was a time frame meant for discussion session one which was handle by Mr. Awejan Emmanuel (Executive Director of GG Tech) on  Identify the various mindsets of youths pertaining to development and how to change certain mystical thoughts into practical realities.

Followed with a session for group picture and that was done for 5mins.

 After the discussion session and the group photo, we delve into the third talk which was given by Guest speaker Mr. George David, to introduce the concept of Sustainable development goals to the youths. Preaching the importance of each goal and elucidating the various anchor points where they can find themselves active in the SDGs Agenda 2030, 2063.

Finally we had the last thematic session being the forth talkwhaich was given by Mr. Ambe Nickson, Giving youths the opportunity to identify the areas of predilection as far as development is concerned. Making youths know the potentials they have in them and how to affect community development from an individual standpoint.

With the last discussion session being hndle by Mr. Awejan Emmanuel (Executive Director of GG Tech)  on identifying the way forward after such a capacity building workshop. Stimulate youths to write down personal commitments on how to bring about change in their community

 After the last discussion, networking began were people exchanging contact and get to know of new people for further openings ahead  which lasted for about 10mins then followed a closing remark which was done by the guest speaker and the event ended at exactly 1;15p.m with everyone leaving the premises.

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