Great Green City Project on the 21st of March 2020| A Report On TV Presented on Hi TV by Gogreen Technologies On The theme

Great Green City Project on the 21st of March 2020.

The purpose of this presentation on HI Tv was to create an awareness to the public of the importance of growing trees or of having trees in our community.

It was also done to call out youths who are climate advocate to join the movement to create an impact to the society because with just a single person work cannot be one but with the devoted ones there is a possibility of a change.

The program started at exactly 2pm with the welcome speech by the TV coordinator and also the president of the Youth Empowerment sectors; Mr. Tambe Henry who launches us the GoGreen technologies team to the public on air. The following were discussed on the TV:

The executive Director was asked to give a brief description about the running of the project which he gave in details

President talking on the Green City project
President talking on the Green City project

He also gave the benefit of this project to the public by making them see the loss nature that will soon be brought back by these trees.

With regards to this same point, the Director of programme was asked questions like: why did your organization choose to carry out this project in Buea Municipality? Amd also what are the challenges the organization is facing as concerning this project?

Talk on Green city project
Talk on Green city project

Lastly but not the least, the secretary general of the organization was asked on how the public could help in this project and if I was to meet with the major what will I request from him? These questions were brought out to bring the people’s mind about the project and to get us involved with the issues of project.

Volunteer talking on the green city project.
Volunteer talking on the green city project.

After the interview by the Youth Empowerment Actor Leader on the TV show with people sending in their comments with regards to the topic which lasted for an hour, the session had to end at the reciting room where we were ask about the program, the various praises which were given and some drawbacks that we had and as well as the organisers of the TV program, after that we both parted our ways.

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