Youth Career Pathways Initiative: Empowering Tomorrow’s Leaders- Cohort 1

Project ManagerAwejan Emmanuel

Project Coordinator: Ngonge Meiva

Project Sponsor: GoGreen Technologies(GG TECH)

Resource Manager: Mapong Louise

Youth Career Pathways Initiative: Empowering Tomorrow’s Leaders Project Background:

GoGreen Technologies is committed to fostering sustainable development and empowerment in communities across Cameroon that is why we came up with the Youth Career Pathways Initiative: Empowering Tomorrow’s Leaders- Cohort 1. More to that, recognizing the pivotal role of education in shaping the future of youths, we aim to address a pressing issue faced by secondary school students in Buea: the lack of clarity and direction in choosing career paths.

Secondary school students, particularly those at the ordinary (form 5) and advanced levels (Upper sixth), are at a critical juncture in their academic journey. However, many of them struggle with uncertainty about their future careers. They often choose subjects for their Cameroon General Certificate of Education (GCE) exams without considering their alignment with their aspirations. Additionally, there is a prevailing misconception that success is solely contingent upon academic achievements, neglecting the importance of entrepreneurial skills and alternative pathways to prosperity.

Problem Statement:

The core issue at hand is the prevalence of youth indecision regarding career paths and the limited awareness of alternative avenues for success beyond formal education. Without proper guidance and exposure to diverse career options, students may find themselves ill-prepared for the realities of the job market. Moreover, the narrow focus on academic achievements may hinder their ability to explore their passions and talents fully.

Youth Career Pathways Initiative: Empowering Tomorrow’s Leaders Project Problem Justification:

The ramifications of youth indecision and the overemphasis on formal education are multifaceted. High rates of youth unemployment persist, worsen by a mismatch between the skills demanded by the job market and those acquired through traditional education. Moreover, the lack of entrepreneurial mindset stifles innovation and economic growth potential. By addressing these challenges, we aim to equip youths with the tools and mindset necessary to navigate the complexities of the modern workforce successfully.

General Objectives:

Our overarching objective is to empower secondary school students in Buea with the knowledge, skills, and mindset to make informed career decisions and pursue entrepreneurial opportunities. By instilling a sense of purpose and direction, we aspire to cultivate a generation of self-reliant and visionary individuals poised to contribute positively to society.

Specific Objectives:

  • Career Guidance: Conduct interactive counselling sessions to assist students in identifying their interests, strengths, and career aspirations.
  • Awareness Campaign: Raise awareness about alternative pathways to success, including vocational training, entrepreneurship, and self-employment opportunities.
  • Entrepreneurial Mindset Development: Introduce students to entrepreneurial concepts, such as problem-solving, creativity, and resilience, to foster an entrepreneurial mindset.
  • Alignment of Academic Choices: Provide guidance on selecting subjects and academic pathways that align with students’ career goals and aspirations.


  • Increased Participation: Measure the number of students actively participating in career guidance workshops and counselling sessions.
  • Awareness Levels: Assess the level of awareness among students regarding alternative pathways to success through pre- and post-workshop surveys.
  • Understanding of Entrepreneurship: Evaluate students’ comprehension of entrepreneurial concepts and their ability to apply them in real-world scenarios.
  • Alignment of Academic Choices: Track students’ academic choices and assess the degree to which they align with their career aspirations.

Expected Results:

  • Enhanced Clarity and Confidence: Students will gain clarity and confidence in choosing subjects and academic pathways aligned with their career aspirations.
  • Reduced Youth Unemployment: By equipping students with diverse skills and career options, we anticipate a reduction in youth unemployment rates in Buea consequently in Cameroon.

Cultivation of Purpose-Driven Youth: The project aims to cultivate purpose-driven individuals who are motivated to pursue their passions and make meaningful contributions to society.

Project Detailed Description:

The project will entail collaborating with secondary schools in Buea to deliver a series of career guidance workshops and counselling sessions at the beginning of each school year. These workshops will be interactive and participatory, incorporating a variety of activities such as self-assessment exercises, group discussions, guest speaker sessions, and career exploration activities. Additionally, students will be introduced to entrepreneurial concepts through case studies, role-playing exercises, and mentorship opportunities.

Youth Career Pathways Initiative: Empowering Tomorrow’s Leaders Project Goal:

The primary goal of Youth Career Pathways Initiative: Empowering Tomorrow’s Leaders project is to empower secondary school students in Buea to make informed decisions about their future careers and develop an entrepreneurial mindset. By providing guidance and exposure to diverse career options, we aim to equip students with the skills and confidence to pursue their passions and aspirations.

Project Expected Impact:

The project is expected to have a transformative impact on participating students, their families, and the broader community. By fostering a culture of self-reliance, innovation, and purpose-driven ambition, we anticipate a positive ripple effect that will contribute to socio-economic development and prosperity in Buea and beyond.

Youth Career Pathways Initiative: Empowering Tomorrow’s Leaders Project Sustainability:

To ensure the long-term sustainability of the project, we will establish partnerships with local educational institutions, community organizations, and businesses. By leveraging existing resources and networks, we aim to create a collaborative ecosystem that supports ongoing career guidance and entrepreneurial initiatives. Furthermore, we will develop evaluation mechanisms to continuously assess and improve the effectiveness of the project over time.

Project Location

Secondary schools in Buea, Cameroon.

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