A Report on One day Youth Capacity building workshop on the title “Youths engagement on sustainable technology”.

Youth Capacity Building Workshop on “Youths engagement on Sustainable Technology”

The purpose of the youth capacity building workshop was to bring together youths from around the city to promote discussion on cross-cutting issues on tackling climate change, share information and approaches to key problems, disseminate and encourage the use of existing knowledge and foster the development of the new knowledge and skills. The youth capacity building workshop began with arrival of participants then followed by arrival of guest speaker with opening address lead by local host.

Youth Capacity building Workshop Location:

Salvation Bilingual High School Molyko Buea, Cameroon on the 22th of January 2020.

The program started at exactly 10;30 a.m. with the arrival of delegations at the school promises  followed by a brief opening prayer and an opening remarks which was done by the president Mr. Awejan Emmanuel Njeck at exactly 11; 05-11;25 a.m.

Immediately after that the welcome speech by the president, a talk on youth and climate change was been given by Miss. Lorena Mbulle, which she ended up asking youth how what they think is the root course of climate change and how as an individual they can combat that effect.

Later on a sustainable technology practical with the students  was been carried out with by the program director Mr. Benjamin Agbor and Miss. Shalom briefing them on how to design street lights and also how they can design instrument to detect the change in climate.

After the brief technical practical and with the understanding of the students, we all took a group photos with the students and departed at exactly 1;00pm.

Youth capacity building
Youth capacity building

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