GoGreen Technologies Seminar Report On Navigating the Path to International Education.

GoGreen Technologies Seminar title: Empowering Youths: Navigating the Path to International Education

Date: 14/04/2024

Duration: 3PM – 5PM

Location: Untard malingo, opposite kitchen corners- Molyko, Buea

Seminar goal:

  • To empower participants(youths) to navigate the complexities of securing admission abroad and embark on a successful academic journey.

Specific objectives:

  • To give the youths insights on what studying abroad entails from someone who is already there.
  • To guide the participants on how to choose the right study abroad program.
  • To teach the participants on how to craft a compelling application.
  • To give the participants strategies to prepare for standardized tests.
  • To sensitised the youths(participants) on how Networking and Mentorship is important for international studies.


The GoGreen Technologies seminar titled “Empowering Youths: Navigating the Path to International Education” was presented by Mr. Awejan Emmanuel, the president of GoGreen Technologies. This report summarizes his key points and discussions, providing insights and guidance for students aspiring to pursue international education.

About GoGreen Technologies Seminar

Mission and Vision

Mr. Awejan began by introducing GoGreen Technologies, an NGO dedicated to empowering youths, particularly girls, with skills in digital sustainability, agriculture, leadership, entrepreneurship, education, and voluntarism. He stated that the organization aims to bridge the digital gap, foster innovation, and promote economic prosperity and sustainable livelihoods.

He articulated the organization’s vision as bringing together the right people, frameworks of thinking, and technologies to solve the global challenge of creating a sustainable future. He emphasized their mission to:

  • Promote sustainable living through renewable energy.
  • Raise awareness about the importance of technology in achieving a green world.
  • Train youths to build their leadership potential and drive global change.

Key Sectors

Mr. Awejan highlighted the key sectors GoGreen Technologies focuses on, including:

  • Education
  • Leadership
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Agriculture
  • Technology
  • Volunteering

GG Tech Travels


Mr. Awejan introduced GG Tech Travels, a project by GoGreen Technologies aimed at assisting individuals in realizing their dreams of studying, working, or traveling abroad. He explained that the team is dedicated to exploration, education, and global connectivity.

Services Offered

He detailed the services offered by GG Tech Travels:

  • International Education Assistance
  • Skilled Immigration
  • Business and Tourist Travels
  • Ticket Purchase, Flight Reservation, and Booking

Key Visas

Mr. Awejan discussed the different types of visas they assist with:

  • Student Visa
  • Tourist Visa
  • Work Visa

Partner Regions

He mentioned their partner regions, which include:

  • UK, USA, Canada
  • European Countries
  • Asia, Middle East, and more

GoGreen Technologies Seminar Highlights

Choosing the Right Study Abroad Program

Mr. Awejan emphasized the importance of selecting the right study abroad program that aligns with one’s academic and career goals. He advised participants to consider:

  • The benefits of various study abroad programs.
  • Finding programs that fit their academic goals and personal preferences.

Crafting a Compelling Application

He underscored the importance of a well-crafted application essay, providing tips for:

  • Highlighting unique strengths and aspirations.
  • Understanding the application requirements of international universities.

Standardized Tests and Preparation

Mr. Awejan provided an overview of standardized tests such as the SAT, ACT, GRE, and IELTS. He offered strategies for effective preparation and shared resources and tools to help students succeed in these tests.

Scholarships and Financial Aid

He explored various scholarship opportunities for international students and gave tips on writing compelling scholarship applications. He also discussed:

  • Understanding financial aid options.
  • Managing educational expenses effectively.

Networking and Mentorship

Mr. Awejan stressed the importance of networking and mentorship in international education. He provided guidance on:

  • Building professional relationships.
  • Seeking mentorship opportunities.
  • Leveraging networking for academic and career support.

Guest speaker: Mr. Enow Victor Enow

He is an international student studying Geology in Swiss and he was invited so the participants will get the right information from someone who is already studying abroad rather than getting it from a “hear-say”.

He shared his personal journey from where he started before obtaining the scholarship to travelling afterwards. Where he started means the activities he engaged in after graduation that gave him an upper hand to qualifying for the scholarship and some of these activities were volunteering and consistent research for available scholarships.

Question and answer session

Some questions were asked by the participants for better understanding and some of these questions include:

  • How does volunteerism increase one’s chances of getting a scholarship?
  • Is having good grades the main asset for attaining a good scholarship?
  • Which site can youths find legit scholarships?
  • Are the standardized tests needed for every scholarship opportunity?

All the questions asked were answered by explicitly either the guest or Mr. Awejan (depending on who a question was directed to).

GoGreen Technologies Seminar Statistics

Attendance: 12 youths

Number of girls: 5

Number of boys: 7

Age group: 17- 23 years old

Educational level: Undergraduate (2 persons) and Postgraduate (10 persons)

GoGreen Technologies Seminar Conclusion

In conclusion, Mr Awejan reiterated that the seminar aimed to provide invaluable insights and strategies for students aspiring to pursue international education. By covering essential topics such as application processes, standardized test preparation, scholarship opportunities, and the importance of networking, and from the question/answer session, aim to empower participants(youths) to navigate the complexities of securing admission abroad and embark on a successful academic journey was achieved.

Mr. Awejan thanked the attendees for their attention and invited them to visit the organization’s website for further details and inquiries.

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